Les contes d’Hoffmann (Offenbach) – dossier


Opéra fantastique in 3 acts, with a prologue and epilogue

By Jacques Offenbach

Libretto: Jules Barbier, after Barbier and Michel Carré’s play Les Contes d’Hoffmann (1851), based on Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann’s “Der Sandmann” (“The Sandman”), “Rath Krespel” (“Councillor Krespel” / “The Cremona Violin”), and “Das verlorene Spiegelbild” (“The Lost Reflection”).

First performed (without the Venice act): Opéra-Comique (2e salle Favart), Paris, 10 February 1881

First complete performance: Opéra-Comique (2e salle Favart), Paris, 13 November 1911


Hoffmann, poet           (tenor):                        Jean-Alexandre Talazac

Olympia, mechanical doll      (soprano):       Adèle Isaac

Antonia, young woman          (soprano):       Adèle Isaac

Giulietta, courtesan    (soprano):       Adèle Isaac

Stella, opera singer     (soprano):       Adèle Isaac

Conseiller Lindorf      (bass-baritone):          Émile-Alexandre Taskin

Coppélius, optician     (bass-baritone):          Émile-Alexandre Taskin

Dr. Miracle     (bass-baritone):          Émile-Alexandre Taskin

Captain Dapertutto     (bass-baritone):          Émile-Alexandre Taskin

Nicklausse / the Muse (mezzo-soprano):       Marguerite Ugalde

Andrès, Stella’s servant          (buffo-tenor): Pierre Grivot

Cochenille, Spalanzani’s servant       (tenor) :           Pierre Grivot

Frantz, Crespel’s servant        (tenor) :           Pierre Grivot

Pittichinaccio, Giulietta’s fool           (tenor) :           Pierre Grivot

Nathanaël, student      (tenor):                        Chenevières

Hermann, student       (baritone):       Teste

Wilhelm, student        (tenor):                        role cut at the première

Luther, innkeeper       (bass): Troy

Spalanzani, inventor   (tenor):                        E. Gourdon

Crespel, Antonia’s father       (bass): Hippolyte Belhomme

Voice from the tomb, Antonia’s mother        (mezzo-soprano):       Mme Dupuis

Schlémil, Giulietta’s lover     (baritone) :


Director: Léon Carvalho

Sets: Antoine Lavastre

Costumes : Théophile Thomas

Condutor : Jules Danbé