Raymond and Agnes (Edward Loder) – dossier


Grand opera in three acts

Composer: Edward Loder

Libretto: Edward Fitzball

First performed: Theatre Royal, Manchester, 14 August 1855



  • Don RAYMOND, a young Spaniard (tenor): George Perren
  • The BARON OF LINDENBERG (bass-baritone): Henri Drayton
  • Lady AGNES, his ward (soprano): Susanna Lowe
  • MADELINA, her foster-sister (mezzo-soprano): Miss Johnson
  • RAVELLA, a dumb woman (spoken role): Miss Jeffries
  • THEODORE, Raymond’s valet (tenor): C. Horn
  • FRANCESCO, the Baron’s valet (bass): Mr. Bellhouse
  • ANTONI, an old brigand (baritone): Charles Guilmette
  • ROBERTO, his robber son (baritone): Mr. Asbury
  • MARTINI, his robber son (tenor): Mr. Thomas
  • LANDLORD of the Golden Wolf (baritone): Mr. Watson




Scene 1: An ancient hostelry, “The Golden Wolf”, the Convent of St. Agnes in the distance

  • Hunters’ Chorus: Dance, dance to the fête of the wolf
  • Legendary Ballad: There came to the Castle of Lindenberg
  • Recitative: Now is the hour when the aged verger
  • Aria: Angels roam abroad tonight

Scene 2: A small antique chapel in the Convent of St. Agnes

  • Scena: Recitative: Sadly thro’ the lonely aisle
  • Air: O Agnes, martyr fair
  • Recitative: There she is sweet dove
  • Ballad: O well do I remember
  • Recitative: Madelina, my friend, my sister!
  • Recitative: Agnes, fly not!
    Duet: Oh, Agnes, can’st thou now forget
  • Melodramatic music
  • Finale: Ever ‘neath this hallow’d dome
  • Finale: Terzetto: Now in her eyes
  • Finale: Stretto: And now to Lindenberg depart!


A Grand Hall in the Castle of Lindenberg

  • Opening Duet: In the halls of ancient grandeur
  • Recitative: The Baron has requested
  • Duet and Chorus: Yes, it is All Hallows’ night
  • Recitative: What a brave act!
  • Recitative: Madrid! Oh, Madrid
  • Air: When others at the watchfire slept
  • Duet: Pardon! The hand of Agnes
  • Romance: While yet in boyhood’s rosy morn
  • Scena: And of thy mother hast never heard?
  • Finale: Horror! It is now the hour
  • Finale: Oh holy angel
  • Finale: Saintly Agnes deign to pardon
  • Finale: A ghost? No, no
  • Finale: Quintet: Lost, and in a dream
  • Finale: Saint, whose shrine I have insulted
  • Finale: Ah, traitress, me betraying!


Scene 1: A Robber’s Cave

  • Robbers’ Chorus: Play! Play! fight for the game
  • Melodramatic music
    Quartet: Pardon, holy hermit
  • Solo and chorus: Ah! men, who with relentless hearts

Scene 2: Interior of the Castle

  • Music and dialogue
  • Ballad: Farewell the forest and the plain
  • Recitative: Despite resistance, in an hour at farthest
    Duet: Charity, noble Baron!

Scene 3: Chamber in the Castle

  • Scena: In vain I wander
  • Air: My fairy dream of earth (My heart is thine)
  • Chapel Scene
  • Quartettino: Where the pearly dewdrop

Scene 4: Western Wing of the Castle and chapel of St. Agnes (Moonlight)

  • Finale: All is silent!
  • Finale: Rondo: Onward speeds