110. Persée (Lully)

PERSÉE Tragédie lyrique in a prologue and 5 acts Composer : Jean-Baptiste Lully Libretto : Philippe Quinault First performed : Académie royale de musique (1re salle du Palais-Royal), 17 April 1682, conducted by the composer ; Versailles, June 1682 Quinault's libretti remove the imagination of the Greek myths, petrifying them, as if with the Gorgon's head, into bland and … Continue reading 110. Persée (Lully)

109. Proserpine (Lully)

PROSERPINE Tragédie lyrique in a prologue and 5 acts Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully Librettist : Philippe Quinault First performed : Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 3 February 1680; Acadëmie royale de musique (1re salle du Palais-Royal), 16 November 1680, conducted by Lully Persephone, daughter of Demeter, was abducted from the sunny hillside where she and her companions were gathering flowers, and dragged … Continue reading 109. Proserpine (Lully)

87. Hippolyte et Aricie (Jean-Philippe Rameau)

HIPPOLYTE ET ARICIETragédie lyrique in 5 actes and a prologueComposer: Jean-Philippe RameauLibrettist: Abbé PellegrinFirst performed: Académie Royale de Musique at its theatre in the Palais-Royal, Paris, 1 October 1733Halte-là!  Are you a Ramiste or a Lulliste?  And shall we fight a duel?Those were serious questions in early 18th century France.  Society was bitterly divided between those … Continue reading 87. Hippolyte et Aricie (Jean-Philippe Rameau)

71. Atys (Jean-Baptiste Lully)

Tragédie in 5 acts and a prologue Composer: Jean-Baptiste de Lully Librettist: Philippe Quinault First performed: Saint-Germain, before Louis XIV, 10 January 1676; Paris, August 1677 BACKGROUND Atys was known as "l'opéra du Roy", the King's opera. It was first performed at Saint-Germain, before Louis XIV.  The king had it performed for him again in 1676, 1678, and 1682, … Continue reading 71. Atys (Jean-Baptiste Lully)