35. Mona Lisa (Max von Schillings)

MONA LISA Opera in 2 acts By Max von Schillings (Op. 31) Libretto: Beatrice Dovsky https://youtu.be/9f-8Y5VoDRw&w=640&h=385 Schillings’ opera is an intense shocker inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, and which plays with ideas of reincarnation and the eternal mysteries of Woman. It was a success in its day, performed throughout Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia … Continue reading 35. Mona Lisa (Max von Schillings)

27. Der Trompeter von Säkkingen – Viktor Nessler

DER TROMPETER VON SÄKKINGEN Oper in 3 Acts, with a Prologue By Viktor Nessler Libretto: Rudolf Bunge, after Joseph Viktor von Scheffel’s poem Der Trompeter von Säckingen First performed: Carola Theater (Stadttheater), Leipzig, 4 May 1884 Dossier Next in our line-up of comic operas: one of the most popular German works of the late nineteenth … Continue reading 27. Der Trompeter von Säkkingen – Viktor Nessler

21. Friedenstag (Richard Strauss)

FRIEDENSTAG Oper in 1 act Op. 81, TrV 271 By Richard Strauss Librettist: Joseph Gregor, after Stefan Zweig First performed: Nationaltheater, Munich, 24 July 1938 COMMENTARY The rarely performed, often maligned Friedenstag is one of Strauss’s most underrated works: a powerful testament to the horrors of war and a plea for peace, first performed in … Continue reading 21. Friedenstag (Richard Strauss)

4. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (Otto Nicolai)

DIE LUSTIGEN WEIBER VON WINDSOR Komisch phantastische Oper in 3 Akten By Otto Nicolai Libretto: Salomon Hermann Mosenthal First performed: Königliches Opernhaus, Berlin, 9 March 1848 Dossier. STORY SIR JOHN FALSTAFF (bass) HERR FLUTH (baritone) FRAU FLUTH, his wife (soprano) HERR REICH (bass) FRAU REICH, his wife (mezzo-soprano) JUNGFER ANNA REICH, their daughter (soprano) FENTON, a young gentleman in love with … Continue reading 4. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (Otto Nicolai)