19. At the Boar’s Head & The Wandering Scholar (Gustav Holst)

AT THE BOAR’S HEAD A musical interlude in one act The libretto taken from Shakespeare’s King Henry IV The music, founded on old English melodies, by Gustav Holst (Op. 42) First performed: Palace Theatre, Manchester, 3 April 1925 Sir John FALSTAFFBassNorman AllinPRINCE HALTenorTudor DaviesPOINSBass BARDOLPHBaritone PETOTenor GADSHILLBaritone PISTOLBaritone PISTOL'S TWO COMPANIONSBaritones HOSTESS (DAME QUICKLY)Soprano DOLL TEARSHEETMezzoConstance WillisSoldiers (unseen)Baritones A Drawer   SETTING: The upper room … Continue reading 19. At the Boar’s Head & The Wandering Scholar (Gustav Holst)

16. Macbeth (Giuseppe Verdi)

MACBETH Dramma lirico in 4 acts By Giuseppe Verdi Libretto: Francesco Maria Piave and Andrea Maffei, after Shakespeare’s play (1606) First performed: Teatro della Pergola, Florence, 14 March 1847 Revised version: Théâtre Lyrique, Paris, 21 April 1865 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKGqnt_VNiI&w=640&h=385 Verdi, like Berlioz and Wagner, was a Shakespeare fanboy. “He is my favourite poet,” he told a … Continue reading 16. Macbeth (Giuseppe Verdi)

4. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (Otto Nicolai)

DIE LUSTIGEN WEIBER VON WINDSOR Komisch phantastische Oper in 3 Akten By Otto Nicolai Libretto: Salomon Hermann Mosenthal First performed: Königliches Opernhaus, Berlin, 9 March 1848 Dossier. STORY SIR JOHN FALSTAFF (bass) HERR FLUTH (baritone) FRAU FLUTH, his wife (soprano) HERR REICH (bass) FRAU REICH, his wife (mezzo-soprano) JUNGFER ANNA REICH, their daughter (soprano) FENTON, a young gentleman in love with … Continue reading 4. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (Otto Nicolai)