62. Olympie (Gaspare Spontini)

OLYMPIETragédie lyrique en 3 actesComposer: Gaspare SpontiniLibretto : MM. Michel Dieulafoy, Eugène Briffaut, after Voltaire’s play (1761)First performed : Théâtre de l’Opéra, Paris, 22 December 1819, conducted by Rudolphe Kreutzer.  Divertissements: Pierre Gardel. Sets: Ignazio Degotti and Charles Ciceri. Costumes: Auguste Garneray.Revised Berlin, May 1821.The failure of Spontini's opera about the death of Alexander the Great left the … Continue reading 62. Olympie (Gaspare Spontini)

61. Fernand Cortez (Gaspare Spontini)

FERNAND CORTEZ, OU LA CONQUÊTE DE MÉXIQUETragédie lyrique in 3 actsComposer: Gaspare SpontiniLibretto: Étienne de Jouy and Joseph-Alphonse Esménard, after Alexis Piron’s playFirst performed: Opéra de Paris [Académie Impériale de Musique] (salle Montansier), 28 November 1809, conducted by Jean-Baptiste ReyA doctor decided to cure his profoundly deaf patient by taking him to see Fernand Cortez.  The doctor's … Continue reading 61. Fernand Cortez (Gaspare Spontini)

49. La vestale (Gaspare Spontini)

Tragédie lyrique in 3 actsComposer: Gaspare SpontiniLibretto: Étienne de JouyFirst performed: Théâtre de l’Opéra (Salle Montansier), Paris, 15 December 1807, conducted by Jean-Baptiste Reyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mdw-ExEU2g&w=640&h=385"M. Spontini," declared Napoleon, "your opera will obtain a great success; it deserves it.  Your opera abounds in new motifs; the declamation is true, and agrees with the musical emotion; beautiful arias, effective … Continue reading 49. La vestale (Gaspare Spontini)