75. Sāvitri (Gustav Holst)

Chamber opera in 1 act Composer & librettist: Gustav Holst First performed: Wellington Hall, London, 5 December 1916 (amateur performance) First professional performance: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London, 23 June 1921, conducted by Arthur Bliss CHARACTERS SĀVITRI (soprano): Dorothy Silk SATYAVĀN, her husband (tenor): Steuart Wilson DEATH (bass): Clive Carey SETTING Ancient India STORY Sāvitri is the story of the loyal … Continue reading 75. Sāvitri (Gustav Holst)

19. At the Boar’s Head & The Wandering Scholar (Gustav Holst)

AT THE BOAR’S HEAD A musical interlude in one act The libretto taken from Shakespeare’s King Henry IV The music, founded on old English melodies, by Gustav Holst (Op. 42) First performed: Palace Theatre, Manchester, 3 April 1925 STORY Sir John FALSTAFF (bass) PRINCE HAL (tenor) POINS (bass) BARDOLPH (baritone) PETO (tenor) GADSHILL (baritone) PISTOL (baritone) PISTOL'S TWO COMPANIONS (baritones) HOSTESS (DAME QUICKLY) (soprano) … Continue reading 19. At the Boar’s Head & The Wandering Scholar (Gustav Holst)