69. Adriana Lecouvreur (Francesco Cilea)

Composer: Francesco Cilea Stageplay by Eugène Scribe and Ernest Legouvé reduced to 4 acts for the lyric stage by Arturo Colautti First performed: Teatro Lirico, Milan, 6 November 1902, conducted by Cleofonte Campanini MAURIZIO, conte di SASSONIATenorEnrico CarusoIL PRINCIPE DI BOUILLONBassEdoardo SottolanaL’ABATE DI CHAZEUILTenorEnrico GiordaniMICHONNET, stage director at the Comédie FrançaiseBaritoneGiuseppe De LucaQUINAULT, member of the … Continue reading 69. Adriana Lecouvreur (Francesco Cilea)